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Space Engineers Server Hosting

We've simplified the Space Engineers game hosting experience so you can take advantage of our powerful server components & network in an easy package with support that’s always online – day and night.

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Starting at $9.99/mo

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No Player Limit
Unmetered NVMe Storage
Instant setup
Ryzen & Intel i9 Processors
PC/Mac and Console Crossplay Supported
Optional upgrades
Additional RAM
Plugin & Mod Install Service

Great Hardware

The latest generation Ryzen, Xeon-E, and i9 processors using NVMe SSD disks and tier-1 networks. If you don't know what any of that means - it's the very best at unbeatable prices.

Friendly Support

Our fast, reliable, and knowledgeable support team works hard every day to keep your server at its best.

Upgrade or Cancel Anytime

No commitment cancellation or upgrade policy. Risk-free. Trusted by thousands.

Worldwide locations

Data center locations throughout the world hosted on 1Gbps and 10Gbps top-tier networks.

Instant server creation

No need to wait – start playing with friends in minutes, upload your world and configure settings right from our panel.

Always online

Your server is online 24x7 with a 100% network uptime SLA and DDoS protected networks.

A Powerful & Easy To Use Control Panel

Game Server Management

Manage your server startup and files. Upload your own world (or use a direct [S]FTP connection).

Game Server Console

View your server console, op players, and restart your server.

Dedicated Server Backups

Backup and restore your server with one click. Each server includes 5 backup slots.

Hexagon illustration Hexagon illustration

About Space Engineers Server Hosting

Space Engineers is a sandbox game that allows players to build and manage space stations, ships, and planetary outposts. The game, known for its realistic physics and engineering mechanics, has gained popularity among gamers who enjoy constructing and exploring space environments. As players build, mine, and navigate the cosmos, they often seek robust server hosting solutions to ensure a seamless multiplayer experience. Hosting a Space Engineers server can significantly enhance gameplay by providing stability, lower latency, and the ability to mod the game extensively. Empower Servers stands out as a top choice for many players, offering dedicated server hosting with features tailored specifically for Space Engineers, such as easy server setup, high performance, and comprehensive mod support.

Empower Servers provides an excellent platform for Space Engineers enthusiasts looking for reliable and high-performance server hosting. Their services are designed to cater to both novice and experienced users, offering user-friendly control panels that make server management straightforward. With competitive pricing, Empower Servers ensures that players get the best value for their money without compromising on performance. The hosting provider supports multiple data centers worldwide, ensuring low latency and a smooth gaming experience for players across different regions. Furthermore, Empower Servers' robust infrastructure includes DDoS protection and automated backups, ensuring that players' progress and creations are safe and secure. By choosing Empower Servers, Space Engineers players can focus on building and exploring the vast universe, knowing that their server hosting needs are in capable hands​.

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Game Server Hosting Trusted by Thousands

Five star rating

“Had some issues setting up my new Enshrouded server, which I wasn't able to solve myself via google searching. Used the live chat to talk to Empowers support team and had my issues sorted out in no time! Stoked with their customer service and helpful team members, will definitely continue using Empower Servers, thanks guys!”

Five star rating

“i went through a couple other server providers and emplower has been one of the best. when i first buged them in chat it only took a few seconds for them to reply with answers to my questions. so i signed up a new server and since then when i needed help clicked check filled out who i was and got a reply from a HUMAN with in few seconds not some AI that showed me google searchs. great server hosting will use them again for sure!”

Five star rating

“I am father to a 10 year old who loves tech and especially Minecraft, hosting a server where he can apply custom mods and create with his friends. He knows way more than me, but sometimes we’ve run into issues understanding the service - and the Empower team has been great! Super responsive and clear in email and chat. Patient and helpful. It keeps us engaged and coming back because we can learn and expand with them (rather than getting frustrated and losing interest). Recommend!!!”

Five star rating

“Empower Servers customer service is spot on. Fast, responsive and rapid to get your issues resolved. I could not have asked for a better CSA than Gio who helped me setup my server in record speed! HIGHLY recommend!”

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Global low latency network

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Whether you're looking to buy Minecraft game servers or another game we offer, the key is a low-lag experience. We deliver this to you by using the latest Ryzen and Xeon-E processors hosted on the best networks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Space Engineers and what makes it unique?
Space Engineers is a sandbox game that allows players to build and manage space stations, ships, and planetary outposts using realistic physics and engineering mechanics. What sets Space Engineers apart is its focus on engineering and construction in space, offering players the freedom to create complex structures and vehicles from scratch. The game also features a survival mode where players must manage resources and face challenges such as asteroid fields and hostile forces. This combination of creative building and survival elements makes Space Engineers a unique and engaging experience for gamers.
Why should I consider hosting a Space Engineers server with Empower Servers?
Hosting a Space Engineers server with Empower Servers ensures a reliable and high-performance gaming experience. Empower Servers offers dedicated server hosting tailored specifically for Space Engineers, featuring easy setup, comprehensive mod support, and user-friendly control panels. Their competitive pricing, multiple data centers worldwide, and robust infrastructure—including DDoS protection and automated backups—provide a secure and low-latency environment for players. This allows you to focus on building and exploring the vast universe without worrying about server performance or security issues.
How do I set up a Space Engineers server with Empower Servers?
Setting up a Space Engineers server with Empower Servers is straightforward. First, choose your desired server plan based on the number of players and resources required. After completing the purchase, you will receive access to a user-friendly control panel where you can configure your server settings, install mods, and manage your game world. Empower Servers offers instant setup, so your server will be ready to use within minutes. Additionally, their support team is available to assist with any setup or configuration questions, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience.
What are the benefits of using Empower Servers for hosting Space Engineers?
Using Empower Servers for hosting Space Engineers offers numerous benefits, including high-performance hardware, low latency due to multiple global data centers, and comprehensive support for mods and customizations. Empower Servers' robust infrastructure provides DDoS protection and automated backups, ensuring the security and integrity of your game data. Their competitive pricing and flexible plans cater to different needs, from small groups to large gaming communities. With user-friendly control panels and excellent customer support, Empower Servers makes it easy to manage and enjoy your Space Engineers server.

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