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We've created the fastest and easiest way to instantly create your own private Minecraft server. Powered on top-tier hardware and networks, you'll have the ultimate lag-free experience to start building your own world with friends.

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Great hardware

The latest generation Ryzen, Xeon-E, and i9 processors using NVMe SSD disks and tier-1 networks. If you don't know what any of that means - it's the very best at unbeatable prices.

24/7/365 support

Our fast, reliable, and knowledgeable support team works hard every day to keep your server at its best.

Upgrade or Cancel Anytime

No commitment cancellation or upgrade policy. Risk-free. Trusted by thousands.

Worldwide locations

Data center locations throughout the world hosted on 1Gbps and 10Gbps top-tier networks.

Instant server creation

No need to wait โ€“ start playing with friends in minutes, upload your world and configure settings right from our panel.

Always online

Your server is online 24x7 with a 100% network uptime SLA and DDoS protected networks.

A Powerful & Easy To Use Control Panel


Manage your server startup and files. Upload your own world (or use a direct [S]FTP connection).


Install thousands of plugins in one click.


Easily install thousands of modpacks in one click.

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Select tier
Select Standard plan
4 GB of RAM
$9.99/mo. USD
Unlimited players
20 GB of fast NVMe storage
Unmetered bandwidth

This server includes:

  • Full mod and plugin support
  • Choice between Bedrock & Java Editions
  • 100% Network Uptime SLA
  • Worldwide Locations -- Choose from 9!

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Select High Performance plan
8 GB of RAM
$9.99/mo. USD
3 Dedicated CPU Threads
Unmetered NVMe storage
Unmetered bandwidth

Every server on this tier includes:

  • Unlimited Players
  • Choice between Bedrock & Java Editions
  • Free Daily Backups
  • Free Dedicated IP
  • Worldwide Locations -- Choose from 9!

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Trusted by thousands

Five star rating

โ€œI have been working with Gio to set up a new server and troubleshoot problems and help me with a variety of questions. If you're new to having your own server the people at Empower Servers will guide you through the process; step-by-step. Gio is my go-to guy when I'm stuck and he's always so polite and understanding. Thanks, Gio for your continuing assistance.โ€

Five star rating

โ€œThe staff is very friendly and quick they are to respond to me when I need help. They seem to know what they are doing when they are helping me. Their prices are better than what I expected for a server.โ€

Five star rating

โ€œI have had my empower server for a few months now and am super satisfied. If I ever have the slightest issue I can always reach out, and Empower gets back to me in less than 24 hours. Wouldnโ€™t want to have my server with any other service.โ€

Five star rating

โ€œEmpower's customer service is spot on. Fast, responsive and rapid to get your issues resolved. I couldn't have asked for a better CSA than Gio who helped me setup my server in record speed! HIGHLY recommend!โ€

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Global low latency network

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Whether you're looking to buy Minecraft game servers or another game we offer, the key is a low-lag experience. We deliver this to you by using the latest Ryzen and Xeon-E processors hosted on the best networks.

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Frequently asked questions

Which versions of Minecraft are supported?
All plans (except for the 2GB package) support either Java and Bedrock editions. For java edition, you can choose between dozens of different versions including vanilla, paper, forge, spigot, etc. Bedrock edition can be used on Windows 10, iOS, and Android at this time.
What kind of processors do your servers use?
We use a mix of AMD Ryzen 3900X, Intel i9-11900K, and Xeon-E 2286G processors. Even our standard tier plans come with these top of the line processors at no additional charge.
Is DDoS Protection included?
Every server is protected from DDoS attacks through enterprise grade 50Gbps protection. We also provide a 100% network uptime SLA.
Which plan should I choose?
You should choose a plan based on the amount of memory your server will need. This depends on any mods, plugins, or modpack you want to use. Most modpacks will give you a recommendation for server RAM by searching Google. You can always upgrade your plan at any time without losing your world.
How many players can I host on my Minecraft Server?
All of our plans feature unlimited player slots. The only limit on the number of players that can connect is the amount of server memory (RAM) on the plan you select. The more RAM your plan has, the more players that will be able to connect. RAM usage is also based on any plugins, mods, or modpack you have installed. So if you have a large modpack installed, you will want to choose a larger plan.

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